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INGRAM Digital Data Recorders

The EX1 is a high speed digital data recorder, designed for blast and shock events. Anthropomorphic, explosive, and vehicular data acquisition will become much simpler, more accurate, and more reliable.  To set up, connect a 9 Volt battery, a bridge sensor, and a trigger.  To program, scroll down and adjust the desired function.  Arm the EX1 and wait for a trigger, then get ready for data...the whole process only takes a few minutes!


Removable Front Panel:
   20-step bargraph meter displays supply rail voltage and input signal
   Operation mode and system status display
   8-Bit (256-Step) offset and gain programming
   4-Bit (16-Step) Digital Pretrigger Programming
   After programming, front panel can be removed to reduce mass and protect panel    

Advanced Signal Processing
   Dual digital FIR filters
   32-times over sampling
   On-board analog low-pass filter
   Input signal range of 0hz through 229kHz

Low Power Requirements
   Supply voltage range: 7.5 Volts through 25 Volts
   <30mA @9V in standby mode
   <120mA @9V in arm/record mode    

Physical Features
   500 G shock rating
   2.23 seconds record time stored in 1M x 16 bit on-board memory
   Physical (approximate): 2.0 inches x 2.5 inches x 3.0 inches; 5.1 ounces