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INGRAM Digital Data Recorders

Technical Specifications
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   Shunt Test
   Setting gain, offset, and pretrigger
   Reading supply and signal voltages
   Signal conditioning
   Finite impulse response filtering (FIR)
   Data format

The EXTREME1 records 2.23 seconds of an analog signal within a range of 0 Hz through 230,000 Hz, and will convert and store this signal as 16-bit by 1-Meg data words.  Any signal within zero and five Volts, and  within this frequency range, will be free of NYQUIST imaging.  The EXTREME1 utilizes 32-times oversampling and digital filters, as well as analog filters, to provide NYQUIST Image-free recordings up to 230 KHz.  Bridge excitation (+5v reg. @ 30 mA) is provided.

Signal bandwidth: 0 Hz through 230 KHz
Recording length: 2.23 seconds, with programmable pretrigger length
Bridge instrumentation amp configuration
256-step programmable digital gain and offset in 65535 bytes-per-step (16 steps)
Onboard sensor supply: 5 V @ 30 mA
Optional user-selected offset and gain resistors
Dual digital FIR filters (128-tap and 83-tap)
"Brute force" 250 KHz low-pass
Automatic, on-board 0.223 second shunt test (0.06 seconds no shunt, 0.1 sec. user-selected shunt, 0.063 s no shunt)
Current consumption:  <30 mA @ 9V (standby); <120 mA @ 9 V (arm/record)
Battery voltage (0-25VDC @ 1.25 V/Div) and signal level display (0-2.5VDC @ 0.125 V/Div)
Auto nap:  display will shut off approx.13 seconds after last button press
Approximately 3.0 in. x 2.5 in. x 2.0 in., including connectors (less control panel)