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INGRAM Digital Data Recorders

The EXTREME1 data recorder may be controlled in two fashions.  The normal programming and setup is done by a detachable control panel. This panel allows the user to program and arm the EX1 data recorder within minutes, including shunt calibration, gain and offset adjustments, and pretrigger programming.

The Control Panel is normally directly attached to the EX1, but, in difficult installations, the recorder module can be accessed by the Control Panel through an expendable parallel extension cable.  Additionally, the Minimal Control Options may be utilized in installations less accessible to the operator; after initial programming via the control panel, the panel is removed, and the recorder is ready to Arm.  Sleep,Reset, and Arm control is achieved by "pulse code" over a single pair of wires.  The command protocol is flexible enough to be operated by a slave PC, or by manually operating a pushbutton.

   Reading the Supply Rail Voltage and Checking Sensor/Front End Activity
   Adjusting Gain And Offset and Setting Pretrigger Length
   On-Board Shunt Testing