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EXTREME1 Specifications
The EXTREME1 records 2.23 seconds of an analog signal within a range of 0 Hz through 230,000 Hz, and will convert and store this signal as 16-bit by 1-Meg data words.  Any signal within zero and five Volts, and  within this frequency range, will be free of NYQUIST imaging.  The EXTREME1 utilizes 32-times oversampling and digital filters, as well as analog filters, to provide NYQUIST Image-free recordings up to 230 KHz.  Bridge excitation (+5v reg. @ 30 mA) is provided.
Basic Specifications:
Signal Bandwidth: DC (0 Hz) Through 230 KHz...image-free and true bandwidth    
Recording Length: 2.23 "event snapshot", consisting of 1 Meg of data
Programmable Pretrigger Length...16 available lengths, 0% through approximately 93.75% of total memory
Local, Remote, And Wired Triggering...three triggering options
Programmable Front End...many sensors can be used with ease
Removable Front Panel...complete field test and setup

Front End:
Bridge Instrumentation Amp Configuration        
256-Step Programmable Digital Gain And Offset In 65535 Bytes-Per-Step (16 Steps)
Optional User-Selected Offset And Gain Resistors
Onboard Sensor Excitation Supply: 5 V @ 30 mA        

Signal Processing:
32-Times Oversampling
Noise Shifting And Shaping
Dual Digital FIR Filters (128-Tap And 83-Tap)
"Brute Force" 250 KHz Low-Pass Filter

Current Consumption:  <30 mA @ 9V (Standby); <120 mA @ 9 V (Arm/Record)
Battery Voltage (0-25VDC @ 1.25 V/Div) And Signal Level Display (0-2.5VDC @ 0.125 V/Div)

Extra Features:
Automatic, On-Board 0.223 Second Shunt Test (0.06 Seconds No Shunt, 0.1 Sec. User-Selected Shunt, 0.063 S No Shunt)
Auto Nap:  Display Will Shut Off Approx.13 Seconds After Last Button Press

Approximately 3.0 in. x 2.5 in. x 2.0 in., including connectors (less Control Panel)