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INGRAM Digital Data Recorders

We build 500g+ hardened, self-contained, 1.5"x2.0"x3.0" miniature, 230KHz high speed 16 bit digital data recorders.  

The EXTREME1 is perfect for any test event lasting 2.23 seconds, or less.  Crash, explosive, armor, projectile, and munitions yield tests are ideal.  Expect thousands of quality recordings.  No cables, battery powered, small, hardened, easy to use...the answer to many a test scenario!

"Out-Of-The-Box" time, from unpacking to looking at the first trial recording, is less than 15 minutes!

Besides the 2-3" battery wires, and a meter or less of sensor cable, the simplest configuration is totally without cabling!  The EXTREME1 is also the simplest of all data recorders to use in almost any application.  No "electronic" knowledge is needed, beyond connecting a sensor, a trigger switch, and a 9 Volt battery.  Concentrate on the data, not the equipment!

Everything you need to acquire data is supplied, except for the battery, trigger switch, and sensor. We even include easy-to-use software and the cable needed for quick data recovery.  The data (in single-column ASCII format) can be read by our software, or almost any commercial numerical data processing program.

BASIC SETUP and USE EXAMPLE (first bench test):

1.  Unpack, read the instructions, and heat up the iron ... about 10 minutes
2.  Connect a sensor [Endevco(C) 22xx or Kulite (C) XCE-062 work well] ... less than 1 minute
3.  Connect a trigger source (a simple N.O. pushbutton is fine) ... less than 1 minute
4.  Connect a 9 Volt battery ... less than 1 minute
5.  Shake the sensor, and trigger! ... less than 3 seconds
6.  Connect the supplied cable to a PC or laptop's parallel port ... less than 1 minute
7.  Download the data ... about three minutes

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